This book is the one you need if you want to protect your family, save yourself, and prevail over any danger.

1000 Pages of Useful Information

Best experts, survivors and military share their secrets about survival in the wild, during terrorist attacks and disasters.


First and survival medicine, self defence and martial arts, valuable prepping and bushcraft, navigation and shelter building, survival communication and emergency survival strategies, off-grid living and DIY survival projects, survival skills for kids and much more!


This ultimate survival guide from advanced survivors' will become your reliable assistant in any modern emergency - from wildlife behavior to effective strategies for survival during a disaster, as well as other important topics.

You will learn what to do during a terrorist attack; how to protect yourself, your family and your home. You will discover how to navigate in the forest without a compass, prepare tasty and healthy food even in the wild, treat your illnesses with homemade organic remedies, provide yourself with shelter, food and water anywhere. Our experts will share their secrets of preparing for any unforeseen situation, tell you how to make weapons and necessary equipment out of ordinary things, explain what items and supplies will be valuable after the SHTF, how to use them better and much more! All that you need for safety is collected in this book!

You will learn:

How to Start Prepping

Want to learn how to prepare for a disaster or replenish your knowledge base? You are in the right place! You will get: 10 ideas on how to start prepping; Full checklist of important items for your survival and first aid kits; Survival bartering skills; Proven hacks to build a bunker and much more!

How to build your own storm shelter and root cellar

Just a few key points from the many that you will learn in this chapter: Step-by-step instructions on how to build a reliable and convenient shelter; Tips and hacks to improve and modernize your root cellar; The secrets of successful shelter and root cellar construction!

Emergency survival strategies

Survive in any situation, disaster, catastrophe and terror attack with our survival plans and strategies. Proven hacks and secrets from military and experienced survivalists!

How to survive EMP

Learn the most important things you must do immediately after an emp; Stay organised and safe with our easy instructions; Stock up on vital things on impulse case and much more!

DIY survival weapons and Self defence lessons

Protect yourself and your family with your own hands; Be able to stand up for yourself and prevent the enemy from entering your home; The latest ideas for making homemade weapons; Revolutionary techniques and secret tricks from our experts!

Survival Navigation and Communication

Learn to navigate anywhere without a compass and electrical appliances; Make yourself at home in the forest! Orienteering and navigation skills that will save your life!

Wilderness survival and bushcraft skills

The most necessary bushcraft skills for beginners and advanced survivalists: Survive when attacking predatory animals; Beating the heat in desert areas; Bearing the tropical weather; Fighting the cold; Keeping yourself alive in the sea; Make a knife and a rope in a wilderness; Stay warm and safe; Find food and water…

First Aid and Survival Medicine

Do not let your loved ones and yourself die, prevent the tragedy! Learn to provide first aid in any emergency, pack your first aid kit properly!

How To Live Off the Grid

You do not know where to start your independent life? Are you confused? We prepared for you 3 realistic options to start now! Learn everything you need to know!

Homesteading and Survival Cooking

50 homesteading and survival gardening hacks! 40 survival cooking techniques and recipes! Don’t stay hungry in a wilderness and during the disaster.

DIY Projects for survival

Create for yourself all the necessary items and supplies that will save your life in danger and make your life comfortable during the disaster. More than 30 projects!

Survival Lessons for Moms and Kids

Lessons on proper safe behaviour in any dangerous unforeseen situation! Get ready for everything and prepare your child: Wildlife danger, stranger danger, dangers of extreme weather, self defence and much more!

listen to what our readers are saying

Many thanks to the author who took the time, collected a lot of material, structured, streamlined it and wrote such a detailed survival guide. Being objective in this book, a little lacking illustrations, however, this is a not big minus. The rest of the book describes in great detail your actions in any unforeseen situation. If you have no experience, this will help you get directions and give you many things to think about, plan and practice. Recommend!

Carlos Smith

Great book for emergencies. A handbook for those who care about their safety and the safety of their loved ones. Definitely worth having a copy in your backpack.

Edison Hall

This book can guide you from a novice to an independent and experienced survivalist. This guide contains the necessary material in order to always be on the alert and know what to do during a disaster.

Ewan Jordan

This survival guide is a good reference guide, not a comprehensive tutorial. However, it will be useful for both beginners and advanced. There were several interesting topics and tricks in it that I did not know about, although I had been interested in this topic for a long time. Not bad!

James Butler

The guide contains basic and useful information about prepping, first aid, outdoor surviving and emergency situations.

Eric Frazier

I bought three different survival books right away, so I can compare. I will always carry this guide with me to get out of any unpleasant situation and help people around me in case of a disaster. Because the other two books mostly contained water and empty talk.

Leon Robertson

It's all I need! Found in this book all the necessary information. The book is written in a simple and understandable language, you can read it even if you are a beginner. It considers all the main dangers and strategies for behavior during them.

Edward Saunders

I liked this experience. Perhaps this book does not reach the military benefits for survival, but it satisfies all needs. This guide is written with quality. Definitely recommend it!

Tyler Davis

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