DIY Preparedness Projects

I simply adore all of this New DIY Preparedness Projects. Get away with this fall/winter and be ready, whilst having fun.

As a writer, we do enjoy “Do It Yourself” projects that assist us to determine fresh ways for our family to turn out to be more autonomous. One of our preferred things to do on a Saturday is search through my folder of “How-To” articles and choose a family project to get interested in.

Doing such projects not only formulate you into a person who is more self reliant but can save you and your family a lot of capital over the years. In short they are the best way to less burdenize the sole bread earner of your house.


Stock up with some homemade survival bars

With our primary project list, we brought you fruit flavored survival bars, which we adore a lot and hope that you too will definitely love it. We are determined to add a new twist to the recipe by the addition of chocolate and also chia seeds, one of the most ideal continued existence foods around. These bars last forever and taste amazing. I think the most delicious one.


·         Two and a half cups of powdered dry milk

·         Two cups oat

·         Half cup of chia seeds

·         Quarter cup of cocoa powder

·         3/4 cup sugar

·         1/2 teaspoon salt

·         Two Tablespoons Protein Powder

·         1 pack plain, flavored gelatin

·         3 Teaspoons honey

Pour all dry ingredients together in a bowl and stir it appropriately. Now, add sugar, salt and protein in it. Add liquid to the dry material and stir over medium heat until it boils. Check consistency. Add water if needed and then go on make bars. Bake them and your bars are ready.

Prepare your own Giant Monkey Fist for self defense

Pour all the dry ingredients in. The order does not really matter.

Yep. There’s a pond ball in there. Pretty cool little home-based weapon, we must say.

A paracord monkey fist is helpful to carry on you for survival and self resistance purposes. It is super easy to cover up and carries enough power to slow down any attacker.

In this class you will learn how to make a paracord monkey fist with a land yard, with a pool sphere inside. This huge monkey fist weighs in at a heavy 6 ounces!

Practice creating a disaster Survival Shelter for ultimate emergency preparedness.

Learn how to construct an emergency preparedness endurance shelter that you can build with nothing more than what you can get in nature. This one uses tree leaves and branches, and has everything you need to protect and prevent yourself from the elements in case of emergency.

Learn this survival skill and you will never be without shelter!

 Make your own Paracord Dog Collar

There are so many amusing paracord projects out there. Right now, our preferred one is this DIY preparedness project of dog collar. It’s the last dog collar made with about 40 feet of 550 paracord. This paracord dog collar uses a double cobra ponytail and is your best bet if you are looking for a stylish collar that is also great strong and tough.

Make your own Paracord Keychain Survival Kit

This small paracord project is one of our preferred; you can hide your emergency kit in the hidden section. You can keep money, matches, lock picks, anything you want to keep hidden but practical.

Hack your home security with this Cell Phone Trip Wire Alert System

Ever wanted to know how to make your own DIY alert system? Consider it or not, you can make your own wireless home safety system for only $10 with a few simple steps to a prepaid cell phone. This DIY preparedness projects allows you to generate a tripwire that will alert you against any intruders by calling you cell phone.

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