Let’s Go On A Hunting Spree  

Human beings need food for survival in the world. Humans in history obtained food by gathering and foraging. With the invention of some tools, human interest shifted from gathering to hunting with the passage of time. Hunting is the means by which humans catch animals, fishes or birds as a source of food. Humans adopted different methods for hunting of meat and these methods developed with the scientific advancement.


Before going for a hunt, keep following things in mind to avoid harm to yourself:

    • Keep a detailed map of the area you are going for hunting and analyze it before you leave for hunting.
    • Always keep a compass and learn to use it. Select your direction, before you start.
    • Weather on a hunting field can change rapidly, so you should keep a survival kit and be prepared for an unpredicted all night stay in the field. The survival kit should have a rope, a sharp knife, water, matches, a shelter, and first aid box.
    • If you are going on the water hunting, make sure to wear a life jacket.
    • Always keep in your mind about your hunting partners’ bodily and mental limitations, as well as your own, and don’t force your partners or yourself past those limits.
    • If you are hunting from a height, use a plunge restraint device.
    • Always inform someone about your hunting spree and also when you decide to return.

    Hunting a fun or a curse???

    Hunting might have been essential for human survival in primitive times, but today most hunters kill animals simply for the thrill of it, not out of requirement. This pointless, violent form of amusement, tears animal families apart and leaves limitless animals orphaned or severely injured when hunters usually miss their targets.

    For some people, hunting is just fun but it turns into pain, within minutes.


    Pain and Suffering

    Very rapid killings are exceptional, and many animals suffer expanded, painful deaths when hunters brutally injure but be unsuccessful to kill them.

    A British study of hunting deer revealed that 11% of deer killed by hunters were dead after being shot twice and some injured deer suffered for about 15 minutes before dying.

    Hunting also interrupts migration and hibernation processes and destroys families. For fauna such as wolves and geese, they mate for life and exist in close family units; hunting can demolish their whole communities.

    The fear and the unavoidable, loud noises from the gun shots and other uproar that hunters create because hunted animals to suffer from terrific stress. This sternly compromises their eating habits, making it difficult for them to store up the fat and energy that they require for survival in winter.


    Hunting as Sport

    Hunting is frequently called a sport as a means to exceed off a cruel, pointless butchery spree as a publicly acceptable activity. However, sports involve rivalry between two accepting parties. And no sport results in the intentional death of one reluctant contributor.


    Nature can take care of its own

    Converse to what hunters frequently say in guard of their cruel amusement, hunting has nothing to do with protection or population control. Actuality, animals are frequently particularly raised for hunters to kill.

    If left unaffected by humans, the fragile equilibrium of nature’s ecosystems certain the survival of many species. Natural predators help preserve this equilibrium by killing only the fragile and weakest individuals.

    Hunters, however, struggle to slaughter the animals they would like to dangle over the fireplace. Usually the huge, most strong animals, who are needed to keep the genetic pool intact. This trophy hunting frequently weakens the rest of the population: Elephant simmer is thought to have raise the number of tusk less animals in Africa and Canada, hunting has resulted in the fall of bighorn sheep’s horn size by 25%.


    Accidental Deaths

    Hunters’ planned targets aren’t the only ones who experience pain. Hunting accidents damage property and harm and kill horses, cows, dogs, cats, passengers and other hunters. According to the International Hunter Education Association, there are many deaths and injuries credited to hunting in the America every year.

    There should be proper legislations for hunting and these should be implemented all over the world.

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